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Miss Primary is an educational teacher blog written by myself (Kayleigh), a 20-something-year-old primary school teacher. Starting as a way to share my teaching journey from my NQT year, this blog has evolved into a place to share advice and activities with fellow teachers.

I spent my NQT year teaching a wonderful year 2 class in the Midlands. From this experience, I've created my NQT Advice series with tips and tricks to get the most out of this process. Check out these useful blog posts:

I have also worked as a supply teacher across Staffordshire teaching all primary year groups, including long-term supply in a mixed 3/4 class. If you're interested in supply teaching, feel free to message me for advice and also be sure to check out my post on Top Tips to Become an AMAZING Supply Teacher!

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In a drastic change of events, I now live and work in the United States as an Associate Teacher. To find out more about my journey to teaching in the US, click here!

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If you have a teacher blog, please let me know! I love finding new teacher blog to enjoy and learn from.


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