Summer Jobs for Teachers

Teaching is a demanding and rewarding job. So I understand that many want to enjoy the much needed holidays. However, some may want to use the time to earn some extra money and do something a bit different. For supply teachers, it's a great way to supplement your income!

If you've got the time and want to earn some extra money - why not?! There are lots of options for temporary work that'll bring new opportunities and experiences. Since being able to work in America and waiting to start my new teaching position, I've been looking for ways to earn some extra money. So, here is a list of potential summer jobs for teachers in the UK and abroad!

Freelance Online Work for Teachers

This might sound intense and hard to get into but hear me out. Teachers are super qualified to get into some freelance writing jobs online. We naturally have excellent proofreading and copywriting skills that are desirable for many clients. 

I recently joined Upwork, created a profile, and have been earning some money creating online content for clients. I've written travel articles about places I have visited and also used my digital marketing experience to help a blog with its SEO and content creation. 

Think about the skills you possess from teaching and other experiences you've had or are interested in; Could you be in illustrator for a children's book? Could you proofread someone's thesis? Is your voice pitch-perfect for audio narration? 

There's plenty of money to be made online and you'll have the flexibility to pick and choose freelance work that you want to pursue. Once you've done a few small jobs and gotten good feedback, you'll be on your way to earning some impressive extra money on your own schedule!

Summer Tutoring Jobs for Teachers

Okay, this is a bit obvious BUT teachers are the perfect people to do summer tutoring. Whether it's helping local children or family friends with their studies, or online tutoring for children around the world. You are more than qualified to become a tutor and set your own schedule to suit you and your summer plans. 

Summer Camps

If you still want to work with children but in a fun residential-style setting, check out summer camps around the UK and abroad like Camp America! Put your other skills and hobbies to work, e.g. crafts, dancing, archery, rock climbing. Earn a bit of money and a ton of experience. This is something I'd definitely recommend to pre-teacher trainees. The summer before you train is a great chance to spend time with children and build up your confidence in leading groups! 

Seasonal Summer Work for Teachers

Summer Nanny

This is something I've considered recently and could see being an amazing opportunity. Teachers make for great summer nannies. Many families need additional help in the summer months when the children are off school but they are still working. Other families want an extra pair of hands at their summer home to play with the children, help to tutor, and take them to do fun activities. 

A summer nanny position could be live-in and abroad for a few weeks with a wonderful family. It may be more local and a live-out position where you just spend weekdays with the children. They're often very well paid and a source of fun and entertainment during the summer months. 

Temporary Nursery Worker

Prior to my PGCE year, I spent a few months in the summer working as a temporary nursery supervisor in a local private school that needed an extra pair of hands before a new hire came in September. It was a great opportunity to experience early years setting and I went into my training year with a lot more confidence. The extra money from this summer job also really helped keep me afloat whilst training!

Theme Park Jobs

Lots of theme parks around the UK need additional workers during their busiest period. These jobs could be in hospitality, catering, entertainment, or administration. Alongside a few days of training, you'll get experience in another career that has transferable skills and a nice paycheck. 

Check out Jooble

To find teaching jobs around the UK and abroad, I recommend using Jooble. They have plenty of filters to help you find the exact roles you want to apply for! You can also subscribe to job alerts and save time scrolling your life away. 
Job search

Uber Driver

This isn't something I've personally looked into very much but if you have a car, love driving around and having small talk with randomers - maybe you should be an Uber Driver You can work your own schedule and be your own boss. Or if you don't want people in your car, you can collect food and do the Uber Eats trips instead!
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