Book List: Year 3 and Year 4

Just before the Easter holidays and for the whole summer term, I am teaching in a mixed year 3-4 class. Having taught as a supply teacher in a fair amount of year 3 and 4 classes, I've come across lots of great class reads. I spent my relaxing sunny Easter reading a few books that have been recommended to me via EduTwitter and feel confident in my book list for you. So here is a list of books suitable for this age group to read as a class, guided reading or to use to inspire writing. 

Remember: You don't need to buy books to read with your class. Use your local library to borrow books! 
year 3 4 class book reading list

  • Varjak Paw A favourite amongst teachers and children alike. A mysterious novel with plenty of opportunity for inference!
  • Nothing to see here hotel I read this hilarious book during the Easter holidays and fell in love. I'm certain my new class will love it so much that I plan on using parts in our guided reading sessions. I'd suggest it's more of a year 3 book as I'd possibly want something with more depth and discussion for a mature year 4 class. It would also be suitable for a year 2 class. 
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory A true classic that is great fun to read together. A great way to inspire descriptive setting writing through creating their own room in the factory - Planning here!
  • The Butterfly Lion Another classic which many children will find empathy with. A ten-year-old boy who finds hope and friendship in a bit of magic!
  • The Iron Man I love reading this book to a class. Great short chapters for an end of the day read which will get them excited to come in the following day to find out what happens next! Super dramatic and creates a great conversation of 'what makes a hero?'
  • Stitch Head A creepy, dark novel that brings up a lot of discussion and inference on emotions and children come up with great predictions of what'll happen next!
  • The Wizard of Once series For a class that loves magic and mystery, this whole fantasy series would captivate them entirely. Both the girl and boy lead characters are complex beings (like all us humans!) and this makes them and their actions great points of discussion throughout the book. 
Recommended by others and on my to-read list:
  • Podkin One Ear  A magical adventure series of an unlikely warrior
  • Cakes in Space A wacky humourous space adventure with illustrations
  • A Chase in Time  2 children end up back in the 1920s
  • Who let the Gods out First of a hilarious adventure series that includes Gods and their superpowers
  • Brightstorm Twins on an adventure to find the truth and salvage their family's reputation

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