Packing for a class residential trip

The daily struggle of what to wear is further exacerbated when you're packing for a school residential trip. Whether it is one night or a whole week, you need to be prepared for a number of possibilities (weather mainly!). Of course, you'll need all the official documents, parent phone numbers, consent forms, and medical notes/medications, etc.. but this post looks at all the items you'll want to pack for your own comfort and sanity.

Here is a checklist for a class residential trip:

  • A pillow from home. Having your own pillow is a true luxury when you're staying in a hostel or tent.
  • Some items may be weather dependent but always bring waterproofs.
  • Sun protection is a must! You may be outdoors more than usual and before you know it, you've got a bright red face that'll make sleeping even more difficult. 
  • Bug repellent spray - If those mozzies like you, you'll want to be covered in spray during the evening campfires and activities. 
  • Leggings/gym wear especially is you're getting involved in any abseiling, climbing, etc.
  • Chargers for personal phone and school iPad for photos, maybe also a portable charging battery pack for any long day excursions off-site.
  • Tissues and sanitising hand gel, or baby wipes (no matter how old, they can get messy) If you're on a hike, there won't be toilets to clean their hands before eating a picnic.
  • Plasters - in case your walking boots or trainers decide to rub - this may be the case for some children as they might have bought things new for the trip that they didn't previously have.
  • Snacks - mainly for you and your fellow teachers as I'm sure the children will have many treats of their own.

Good Luck and enjoy it! Residential trips are a great way to form closer bonds with your class and watch them grow and adapt in a short space in time.

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