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When you arrive in your new classroom, it can be daunting. What do I need? Where will I put things? Is there room for what I want? You might want to look around the other classrooms in your school to see 'how things are done' and get some ideas. You might want to get super creative and design an engaging learning space that'll work for you and your class. This post has some links to items you may want in your classroom. This is your working environment, so put your stamp on it and make it what you want!

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Must have items for primary school teacher classrooms


My favourite buy for my first classroom was the magic whiteboard for working walls. It 'sticks' to any surface without the need for staples, pins, or blu-tac using just friction so you can move it and re-use it. It comes in a roll of 25 A1 sheets so there is plenty for your classroom and for others around your school (if you're willing to share or can persuade your SLT to use their budget).

It really saves so much time adapting working walls for the unit of work your class are focusing on. You can also use it for group work, lessons in the hall, corridors, or other rooms without whiteboard access.


Good luck surviving flu season in a room of coughing and sneezing children without some hand santiser. I recommend an alcohol-free, water-based sanitiser that won't dry out your skin like Nilaqua. Keep it on your desk alongside some lovely scented hand cream because they deserve to be pampered.


After I tidy my desk, it takes up to three days for it to look a total tip again. However, I minimise that mess by having some neat desk storage. I'll never lose a pen again (wishful thinking!). Depending on how big your desk is and what items you need to keep hold of, there are loads of options. It's a great way to keep hold of: scissors, staple gun, pencil sharpeners, remote for whiteboard, academic diary, post-it notes, hand sanitiser, stopwatch, highlighters, etc. Click an image below to buy one of these beauties!


Whether it's geography, science, PSHE, or citizenship, Inflatable Globes really do come in handy. I have one hanging from a ceiling tile (if possible) and the others available for practical work (spotting countries, the earth moving around the sun, etc).

Having a globe in the classroom helps children identify where they are, where they have been, and where they are learning about. It makes learning more relevant and real so therefore they will retain that information.

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