Key stage 1 topics

If you're as lucky as I've been, you get to choose your termly/half-termly topics in KS1. With this, you need to ensure you're still hitting the National Curriculum objectives for history, geography, art, and D&T. I've created medium-term plans for the following topics which highlight the objectives from the NC for each lesson. My TES shop also has discounted bundles which include the MTP and resources including ActivInspire Flipcharts, worksheets, title pages etc. These are tried, tested, and loved topics for my previous Year 2 classes. I hope they help you! If you want to create your own medium-term plans - click here!

Topics for primary school key stage 1

Below are the 3 termly topics I have used in Year 2 which covers history, geography, art, and D&T. Click on the pictures to find the TES link for the resources and MTP bundles (also available separately). 

Year 2 topic Titanic medium term plan

The Titanic

The Titanic topic was great for the Autumn term. Plenty of visual and pictorial activities to ease them into the year before a few writing opportunities. My class particularly enjoyed junk modelling and designing, creating, and evaluating their own Titanics.

dinosaur topic for key stage 1 medium term planning


I've used the Dinosaur topic to cover the whole Spring term. I started the topic by greeting them after lunch on the playground dressed in a dinosaur onesie! They were beyond excited when we went into the classroom and started recording and producing our own news report on the dinosaur roaming about the school. We used this footage, posters with facts about dinosaurs, and our own made-up song for our class assembly in the middle of January. My class loved making fossils and learning how to use coordinates on a map of the UK. 

medium term plans for castles in key stage 1 class


In the Summer term, we did the castles topic and visited a local castle. We learned about the roles and responsibilities of different medieval jobs, designed our own castles using Matisse's geometric style, and had our own medieval banquet at the end of the year. Many of them loved making their own catapults and having a 'battle' in the hall. 

Don't forget to click on the signs to find the planning and resources for these topics in my TES shop.


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