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Teacher Burn Out: Should I stay or should I go?

Whether you've been at a school a year or a decade, moving onto new pastures can be a tough decision to make. There is often guilt attached to leaving students and fellow teaching staff- but there shouldn't be! More than ever, teachers are leaving the profession they once loved. Before making the leap to a new life outside of teaching, you might want to think about moving on to another year group or even another school. It could reignite that passion and energy for this most rewarding of all vocations.  Just like clouds, every school is different! From one-form entry schools , to inner-city schools to mixed-group village schools, there are so many variables - not be mention different ethos' and leadership styles. Maybe you're ready for a change?  Should I Stay or Should I Go? When answering the below questions, consider what is most important to you and your well-being. Think about how sustainable your current work routine is long-term - you don't want to be burned

KS1 Homework: What should I set?

If you have to set homework in key stage 1, there are plenty of ways to make it fun and useful. It's a great way to help pupils consolidate their learning from phonics, maths, or other optional projects children may want to do outside of school. Remember, you know your class best so set them what you think they need / will enjoy. I've got a list of resources, you may wish so that setting homework is less of a task for you and to make it enjoyable for your pupils.

key stage 1 homework ideas for primary school teachers


Setting spellings for homework can work for some children. They might practice with their parents or older siblings and then they will spell those words correctly in their work. Other children don't get much time to practice at home or don't know how to practice their spellings. You can make this a fun activity is through word searches or colour in phonics mosaics off twinkl.

Maths games

key stage 1 primary school home work activities Your school may want to look into using iXL for great online maths homework. Top Marks also has plenty of fun interactive maths games for your class. My class love using it to practice their times tables and beat their previous scores.

Topic relevant homework

I like to include an optional homework grid full of fun activities related to our current topic. My class can gain additional house points for completing these tasks but there is no obligation to. If your class are learning about castles or dinosaurs - click the link to my TES shop!

Travel Ted

This is a great treat for KS1 classes. The star of the week takes Ted and his book home and writes, draws or has photos of something they did that weekend. It's a great way to encourage writing at home and children love sharing their page of the Travel Ted book with the rest of the class.

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