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Teacher Burn Out: Should I stay or should I go?

Whether you've been at a school a year or a decade, moving onto new pastures can be a tough decision to make. There is often guilt attached to leaving students and fellow teaching staff- but there shouldn't be! More than ever, teachers are leaving the profession they once loved. Before making the leap to a new life outside of teaching, you might want to think about moving on to another year group or even another school. It could reignite that passion and energy for this most rewarding of all vocations.  Just like clouds, every school is different! From one-form entry schools , to inner-city schools to mixed-group village schools, there are so many variables - not be mention different ethos' and leadership styles. Maybe you're ready for a change?  Should I Stay or Should I Go? When answering the below questions, consider what is most important to you and your well-being. Think about how sustainable your current work routine is long-term - you don't want to be burned

Prepare your classroom for September

Whether you're moving classrooms, schools, or staying in your current room, there are still things to be done before the children start back in September. It can seem an overwhelming task at the beginning because well, where do you begin? I've compiled a list of things to do this summer to give yourself a head start!

advice for teachers to prepare new classroom


You don't want your class coming back to a completely hollow, bare space. Depending on your school, this may include putting up resources around the classroom or just backing the boards ready for the children's input. Read my post about the purposes and importance of displays.


teacher set up new classroom Your class will need their own personal spaces to keep their belongings/work. I'd strongly suggest laminating labels for their trays and cloakroom hangers. It would also be useful to label resources in trays and boxes. You may want to label things in other languages for EAL pupils or in a language your class are learning!

Table Resources

This is particularly useful from year 2 onwards as you teach children to become more independent in accessing resources to aid their learning.  You may use desk boxes that need reorganising or you may need to create new bits - LAMINATE!! These resources may include:

  • common exception words
  • writing checklists
  • 100 squares
  • shape properties
  • handwriting guides
  • phonics sound mats

Maths Resources

We aren't all blessed with ample amounts of space or storage but maths resources are great to keep in class ready to be accessed at any time. If you have a free surface, you could create your own maths area full of resources for pupils to be in charge of and use when needed. This can include counters, dice, dienes, challenge cards, reasoning questions, number lines, clocks, etc.

primary school classroom maths area year 2

Book corner

Create labels for where you want certain books to be eg, nonfiction fiction and poetry. Create a tidy book corner and take a photo of it to help your class remember what it should look like! I'd recommend having monitors to keep it tidy throughout the year, making sure books are kept in the right areas.
book corner for primary school classroom

Teacher's desk

What do you really need on your desk? By summer term, my desk was a place to leave things to sort later - or a safe place to keep things (with all the other pieces of paper I haven't used since that staff meeting in February...) So nothing was more therapeutic for me than to completely de-clutter and reorganise my desk. Yes, it'll probably become a tip again by next summer but at least I'm starting off the new school year in the right mindset and desk space.

I hope this helps you feel more organised when it comes to getting your classroom prepared for the new school year. Please feel free to leave a comment with any other suggestions to help us all with this busy task!


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