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Teacher Burn Out: Should I stay or should I go?

Whether you've been at a school a year or a decade, moving onto new pastures can be a tough decision to make. There is often guilt attached to leaving students and fellow teaching staff- but there shouldn't be! More than ever, teachers are leaving the profession they once loved. Before making the leap to a new life outside of teaching, you might want to think about moving on to another year group or even another school. It could reignite that passion and energy for this most rewarding of all vocations.  Just like clouds, every school is different! From one-form entry schools , to inner-city schools to mixed-group village schools, there are so many variables - not be mention different ethos' and leadership styles. Maybe you're ready for a change?  Should I Stay or Should I Go? When answering the below questions, consider what is most important to you and your well-being. Think about how sustainable your current work routine is long-term - you don't want to be burned

Easy to Run After School Clubs

Every school I've worked in has after school clubs offered to the pupils. Some of these clubs were from outside agencies and others were done by teachers. I've done a few clubs now and when I'm asked what I'd like to run for the next term, it's not always easy to think outside the box. You don't want anything with too much preparation time needed, especially during the week's with plenty of planning, marking and other priorities to deal with. So here is a list of easy to run after school clubs which can entertain pupils of any primary school age!

Primary teacher led after school club ideas

Maths Club

I ran maths booster clubs which had a mix of preparation for SATs alongside fun maths puzzles and games to get their brains ticking. Believe it or not, it was a popular club that the children were excited for every week. The website top marks has plenty of interactive games to keep them entertained. My multiplication football game was also a big success!

Board Games Club

I am a big fan of board games and I think they aren't as popular as when I was growing up. Some children don't even know what board games are! They are a creative way to get their brains going, test out tactics and be competitive. Although some children hate 'losing', they need to experience the roller coaster that is monopoly, scrabble, frustration, connect 4, the game of life and Cluedo. Easy to run if your school has board games, you're happy to share yours or if you get them to bring ones from home.

Bench Ball

One of my favourite games as a child. There are different ways to play this game but ultimately it's simple to run. You just need a ball (or balls), 2 benches and something to divide the two teams areas (depending on the game)
Game 1: you need one or two goalies on the benches- one team on each end of the hall. You only need one ball and the teams need to pass it 3 times to their members before they can try passing it to their goalie to score. The game can end with the first team getting to a certain number or a time limit.
Game 2: you need one or two goalies on the benches the opposite side to where their team's area is. Both teams stay in their own area but have to throw the balls to their goalie. If the goalie catches it, they then join the goalie to help catch more balls. The team that has everyone on the bench first wins! This is best played with a few balls.

British council

primary school after school club activities The British council are a great resource to use to connect with other schools and classes around the world with their e-twinning network. Pupils could gain pen friends or email with another school in another country.

Karaoke Club

Possibly the noisiest option but definitely one of my favourite ideas. Karaoke or Singalong club is great for teachers who think choir club may be a bit beyond their own musical ability (like me!) you could have different themes each week such as Disney, Mamma Mia, Greatest Showman, top pop, best bands etc. Easy to run thanks to interactive whiteboards and YouTube! There are also other apps and websites which have fun karaoke options.

Dance club

Not everyone has amazing dance moves or can choreograph a dance so at first glance this club looks a bit too much effort. However, who says you need to teach dancing at a dance club? There are some amazing websites out there for kids to follow basic moves to their favourite songs. Try using go noodle or jump-start Jonny. You could put it up on the interactive whiteboard in a classroom or the hall for them to dance away too (and you can even join in!)

I hope some of these club ideas work for you without adding to the already busy to-do list you'll have this September!


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