How to create an amazing medium term plan.

Maybe you have an idea, maybe you're given a topic to teach. The one question we all have is: where do I start? It can be so overwhelming creating your own plans to scratch. Fortunately, the internet is full of ideas and resources for you to use as you wish (check out my shop!). I've always enjoyed the challenge of creating units of work and termly topics that work for my class's interests and abilities. So to answer the initial question, I've come up with a way to explain my own process for creating medium-term plans which may help you!

primary school teacher advice on planning medium term with templates

Jot down ideas

Once you've decided on a topic or book that your class will enjoy and be able to access, write down possible activities that link to curriculum objectives/ genres they should be learning to write. This could be a simple list or spider diagram just to get all your ideas on paper at once. I actually found discussing some of my ideas with other teachers and family members very useful as they may come up with additional tasks you previously didn't think of. Teaching is a collaborative profession after all!

ideas for medium term plan the twits

Check the National curriculum objectives

Use your ideas alongside the NC to guarantee your plan will be suitable and effective in teaching what needs to be taught for your year group. I often copy over the year's objectives for the subject I'm planning and then highlight the parts that fit my lessons. I then cross-reference this on my lesson plan to show the relevance of the lesson for that subject.

curriculum planning for year 2

Create lesson objectives and a brief commentary for the lesson

Using your jotted down ideas and the NC objectives, you can write a brief lesson by lesson plans to cover the amount of time you want to spend on this unit of work/topic. This can include the activities and resources needed.
advice primary school medium term planning template

I have created MTPs for Titanic, Dinosaurs, and Castles for the Year 2 curriculum, plus units of work for a variety of books and genres on my TES Shop.


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