Football World Cup Primary lesson ideas.

I can't be the only teacher trying to fill the last few weeks of term (with something interesting!) World Cup fever has hit more homes in the UK and has spread into schools. So I'm planning on making the most of the football hype over the next few weeks to keep my class engaged in learning - even if it is 30 degrees outside! I've come up with some cross-curricular links to the World Cup which can be differentiated for any primary class.

primary school lessons for world cup

Football Maths

  • Data collection/ statistics: Keeping a table of the scores, wins, and losses. Recording the data in different ways (tally, bar chart, pictogram, etc) and then analysing the data (who has won the most games? How many more goals have England scored than Poland?)
  • Word Problems: Using the world cup as the context behind word problems will be more relevant and interesting. As a challenge, they can make up their own word problems for each other. 
  • Maths Games: Check out my football multiplication game which has all times tables, x13, x25, and x50. All it needs are two players, two counters and a dice!

multiplication football board game for primary school children

Football English

  • Simile work to describe footballers or a football game (as tall as a tree, the ball flew like a bird across the pitch, their kit was as red as a tomato).
  • Football commentary: They could write a script and record it as a video or audio clip for a video of them playing football.
  • News report about a match they have watched (or highlights you have shared in class)
  • A persuasive letter to headteacher about more football in school.
primary school world cup themed lessons for subjects

Football Geography

  • Create your own country to compete in the world cup: Design their flag and football kit. What geographical features are there? Is it similar to any other countries?
  • Fact-file: on one of the countries playing or comparing two of the countries.
  • Learn about Russia: research its history, geographical features, neighbouring countries, etc.

Football History

  • Fact-file: Research and write about when England won the world cup. 
  • Timeline: Who has won the world cup since 1990? Sequence the events of the last world cup by putting the dates in order.

Football Art

  • Action photography: Look at different photographs and discuss what stands out and what makes a good action photo. Maybe let them have a go at snapping some shots during a PE lesson!
  • Tessellation: Linked with mathematics, I was inspired by a football and the pentagons and hexagons that create it (Truncated Icosahedron). Children could use shapes to see which fit together and what patterns they can make.

Football PSHE

  • Good sportsmanship: What is a sore loser and a sore winner? How can we be gracious in victory and defeat?
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